Quality vehicle window tinting Melbourne, Victoria

At Auto Glass Solutions, we deliver top quality window tinting and glass tinting for not only cars, trucks, vehicles and heavy equipment, but also for home and office applications.

Whether you’re looking for UV protection, added safety or more privacy, we have a tint film and custom glass tinting solution to suit your exact needs.

Glass tinting offers you multiple benefits including:

  • reducing energy costs for home or office
  • reducing glare
  • extra privacy and security – would-be thieves can’t see what’s inside
  • temperature control – stay cooler
  • reducing fading and damage to furnishings, flooring, vehicle interiors
  • aesthetic appeal
  • eliminating need for curtains and blinds

Car window tinting creates a shield between you and the glass, protecting you and your loved ones from broken glass or shattering glass. In the same way, truck window tinting helps provide a safer workplace for your employees.

Nothing looks worse than a peeling or less than perfect tint job! Every Auto Glass Solutions glass tinting job features the highest grade tint films, the latest application technology, the specialist skills of our qualified professionals, and a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

For fast glass tinting, contact us today for a free no obligation quote.